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Newest cover The New York Times Magazine

New York Times Magazine also carries an ace blog called “The 6th Floor” , a fun read.

Gail Bichler: Design Director
Kathy Ryan: Director of Photography
Designers: Raul Aguila , Ben Grandgenett and Jason Sfetko
Design Associate: Audrey Rodriguez


recommended: opening tonight in 2 locations, 6-8p:

 curated by Todd Levin
Marianne Boesky Gallery, 509 W24th St., NYC
Marlborough Chelsea Gallery, 545 W25th St., NYC

A joint project between Marianne Boesky Gallery and Marlborough Chelsea, Another Look at Detroit presents works and objects by over fifty artists, designers, and cultural contributors. The focus of this exhibition is the city of Detroit as a creative center, historically through to today. Spanning a period of 150 years, and taking place at both galleries’ Chelsea spaces, this exhibition is by no means a comprehensive survey. Rather, Another Look at Detroit intends to portray a vision as sprawling and complex as the biography of the city itself.

pictured: Diego Rivera, Edsel B. Ford, 1932, Oil on canvas