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West Bank Loyalist Housing Area, Londonderry/Derry

While I was in Derry, I had an opportunity to walk around and photograph some of the parts of the city that remain visually strident. My memories of the troubles, as reported to me in the UK when they were at their peak came from this city, and I was staggered at how small the place is. Here, an enclave of loyalist supporters live within a mainly republican area. The arriving storm in the sky added a certain doggedness to the scene.

Photo: Andrew Shaylor

Note:I have received a correction from #UK Justice Forum. They have informed me that my description was incorrect. They say ‘you are wrong in your description. It is called the Fountain Estate and it is Protestant - not entirely Loyalist’.

Joshua Tree National Park, California

This was a reconnaissance shot for a magazine commission about flying into LA, then immediately leaving for the beautiful landscapes that lie only a couple of hours away from the city. The trees and boulders in this park were surreal. I remember staying at the 29 Palms Inn, a great semi-hideaway, quite close to where I shot this. I wish I was there now.