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Fiesta de Santa Ines, Dzitas, Mexico

For a week the town of Dzitas pays tribute to their patron saint. There is a makeshift bullring, a busy Cantina and people arriving from all around. There is also a large area where food is corralled, killed, prepared and eaten. I was invited to sit down and share the food, and was told that it is given free to residents during the festivities.

Wall of Skulls, Chichen Itza

I was lucky enough (I think) to be allowed on the site of Chichen Itza after hours and at night, to photograph some of the structures. My main task was to light and photograph the main temple, but this sacrifice wall loomed behind my shooting position and was slightly disturbing. Throughout the night, my lighting equipment and cameras continued to play up, as if the was some other force present, to remind me of where I was and who was in charge.

Anyway, in the guide books it says:

The Tzompantli structure at Chichén Itzá is a Toltec structure, where the heads of sacrificial victims were placed; although it was one of three platforms in the Great Plaza, it was according to Bishop Landa, the only one for this purpose..the others were for farces and comedies, showing the Itzá’s were all about fun. The platform walls of the Tzompantli have carved reliefs of four different subjects. The primary subject is the skull rack itself; others show a scene with a human sacrifice; eagles eating human hearts; and skeletonized warriors with shields and arrows.